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CopperSpeaks: Embrace the allure of handcrafted copper jewelry. Inspired by Wabi-sabi, we blend copper with vibrant stones like amethyst, labradorite, quartz and more.

Each unique piece undergoes a meticulous process, reflecting the beauty of imperfection. Discover the infinite beauty of nature in our designs.

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Meet CW, the visionary behind CopperSpeaks. A self-taught copperformed jewelry artisan from Malaysia, CW blends copper's allure with natural gems, sea glass & beach-picked seashells. Discover wearable art celebrating imperfection and individuality. 


Each piece reflects CW's passion, creating captivating experiences. Explore CopperSpeaks for nature's essence & artisanal craftsmanship in every masterpiece.

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Welcome to our collection of unique creations, conceptualized and crafted by CW's copperforming technique, incorporating other exquisite jewelry making methods.


Embrace the artistry that goes into each masterpiece, from design to realization, resulting in wearable art that speaks volumes of passion and skill.

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At CopperSpeaks, our design process is meticulous and deliberate. We carefully select pairings and raw materials, even if they are uniquely shaped and irregular. Each gemstone holds its distinct beauty, valued by the eye of the creator. Through our copperforming techniques, we transform them into uniquely special pieces, crafted with utmost care and passion. Embrace the artistry that makes every creation a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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